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Whatever level of religiosity you’re at, this site is aimed at helping wherever we can.

Connections to help with respect to prayer

Please be advised that should you, a relative, or someone else you may know, have any problem whatsoever, whether personal, business or otherwise, please fill in the box below and we shall arrange the following:

1) A prayer, TEHILIM (Psalm), will be recited every day for you or whomever.

2) A note will be sent to the Wall in Jerusalem.

3) A note will be sent to the resting place of a great TZADIK (the OHEL).

4) If sickness is involved, then a prayer will be recited Monday, Thursday and Shabbos at the reading of the Torah.

5) For sickness or any other problems, your request will be sent to certain prayer groups to recite special prayers (Tehilim).

6) In addition, your request will be sent to the World Tehilim Organization. and there will be prayers recited throughout the world by very sincere people.


  • * If Hebrew name(s) are not known, please enter in the English or given name.

Connections to help with respect to prayer.

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Help and advice on how to arrange for Jewish occasions.

42 alternative ways to help.

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